Akiilesh & Akiilesh has sound support of all kinds of resources to offer the best taxation services to the clients. We have a team of professionals who are expert in various educational backgrounds like commerce, law and accounts. A good office infrastructure has also enabled us in time bound services.

Method of Approach

  • Understanding the client requirement.
  • Client’s Business Model and organizational structure.
  • Accounting and internal control System.
  • System of compilation of data.
  • Analyze the record maintained.
  • Determine the coverage.
  • Appraise present status of compliance of law.
  • Defining Scope of Our Services.


  • Providing information to clients on law update.
  • Providing information to clients on procedural matters.
  • Liaison with client and department on regular basis.
  • Compilation of details required for filing return.
  • Preparation of challans required for making payment of tax.
  • Maintenance of records.
  • New Registrations/Amendments/Cancellations, Claim put ups, Case hearings, Case attendance and Legal opinions/drafting.

Our core expertise lies in Service Tax, Income Tax and Sales Tax. You can always seek our services for Advisory, consultancy and opinions regarding taxing matter. Besides, we are one of the most reputed companies dealing in taxation Services.



Akiilesh & Akiilesh  is routinely engaged in providing litigation support services for its clients/business partners before various appellate authorities/forums. Eminent professionals of the Firm, having diverse exposure of different practice areas and holding multi-jurisdictional qualifications assist in drafting of submissions/representations before the appropriate authority, extending to the personal appearances on requirement basis. The support extends to providing litigation support services in respect of entire gamut of  Indirect Taxes and Direct Taxes, broadly classifiable under the following categories:

  • Goods and Service TaxService
  • TaxCentral ExciseCustom Duty
  • Value Added Tax/Sales Tax
  • Entry Tax/OctroiState
  • Excise and State Incentive Policy
  • Foreign Trade PolicyExport Control and Trade Sanctions
  • Income Tax
  • International/Domestic Transfer Pricing
  • Special Economic Zones Act etc.

Support Services

Enterprises globally need to have support services in place for their customers – whether external ones or internal ones. This is the way that they maintain their reputation as a company that customers love to buy from or employees like to work in. It requires a level of relationship management that is empathetic and yet practical in order to save the company costs.

Our BPO’s team of experienced professionals can help companies globally achieve high levels of support satisfaction while lowering costs. It can do this by improving processes, creating knowledge databases and utilizing the best technologies for the job.

With our support services, clients have experienced:

  • Reduced repeat requests for the same issue
  • Lower turnaround times to service the issues
  • Analysis-based improvement in support to eliminate repeat problems
  • Reduction in operational costs of over 35%


We Provide PAN Card, Filing of Income tax, TDS Returns, Consultancy on Income Tax Matters, Tax Refunds, Tax Planning & Savings, Maintenance of Income Tax Records, Liaisoning with Income Tax Authorities, Tax deduction account numbers. We help our clients by:-

  • Assistance in choosing a tax-efficient ownership, management and operations structure
  • Analysis of tax structures and transactions in order to verify the correctness of the application of double tax treaties
  • Structure profit repatriation
  • Review of contracts and other primary documents from a tax perspective aimed at identifying potential fields of tax planning
  • Assistance in estimating the costs of implementing new solutions as we as identifying potential fields of tax planning
  • Advisory related to the tax aspects of the business activity of foreign enterprises
  • Reviews and analysis of cross border transactions and payments


We, at Akiilesh & Akiilesh , offer a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services. Sole proprietorship, Partnership Firms, companies, small businesses, mid & Large size businesses all have different accounting and bookkeeping needs. To cater to this varied requirement, we offer tailor-made accounting systems.

Our Accounting and Bookkeeping Service include:

  • Setting up of Accounting System for new businesses
  • Journal and Master ledger creation
  • General Ledger and Financial preparation
  • Preparation of ledgers, sub-ledgers and journals
  • Inventory accounting
  • Asset Accounting
  • Compilation of final accounts as per accepted accounting standards
  • Monthly and Annual Financial Statements
  • Balance Sheet Finalization
  • Support in Annual Audit Activities
  • Storage of documents at our offices


We are a well recognized Tax Consultants, providing consultations and services in Company Law Matters. Our services are customized in accordance with your specific requirements. We assist you from the very initial processes of company establishment to company maintenance. Our company law service includes:-

  • Registration of companies and advisory of choosing the legal form of a company
  • Registration of partnership companies, wholly owned subsidiary companies, joint venture companies.
  • Providing local representative and virtual office services
  • Handling Foreign Direct Investment
  • Approval from FIPB
  • Import-export code registration
  • Foreign collaborations, technology transfers
  • Liquidation, bankruptcy and insolvency laws
  • Statutory filings under various corporate laws
  • Corporate finance
  • Advising on corporate legal practices, policies and procedures regarding securities law company privacy and employee policy matters
  • Due diligence


We assist in the registration procedures of Societies, Trusts & Partnership Firms, 12 A & 80 G Certificate, FCRA as well as in the process of formation of memorandum of association (MOA). We guide them through the modes and methods, procedural formalities and the process of documentation. We also counsel them regarding the benchmark required for registration.


We assist in Managing your money and planning your financial security, Investments, We are offering Life Insurance, General Insurance, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Fixed Deposits, All Financial Advisory services.

we help organizations capitalize on opportunities. We help them fulfill regulatory requirements, keep investors informed and meet stakeholder needs. And in a fast-changing world, we give them the support they need to be effective today and create long-term growth for tomorrow.

Across all disciplines and from every angle,we draw on our shared creativity, experience, judgment and diverse perspectives. Wherever they operate, we help clients address their toughest challenges, so their businesses are fit for a digital future.


Akiilesh & Akiilesh  arranges and processes loans keeping in mind the financial needs of the Clients, Like Property Mortgage Loans, Business Loans, Personal Loans, Property Loan etc.

GST Services & compliance

Goods and Service tax Act (‘GST/ or ‘the Act’)is the most significant fiscal reform to be introduced in the country post-independence. The GST Act aims to provide a simplified and integrated system of indirect taxation under a dual tax model where taxes are imposed at both federal and state level. With a clear road map laid down by the Finance Ministry, the nation seems to be on the cusp of implementing the long-awaited tax reform in coming months.

Akhilesh & Akiilesh  adopts a comprehensive approach for implementation and compliances related to the GST, wherein a team of professionals from tax and business advisory closely work together to offer seamless services to our clients/business partners inter-alia including

Impact Assessment of GST

This includes assessing the potential impact of GST on existing business functions and operations of the Company. Based on the said assessment, a detailed report on transition, including quantification of impact on pricing, incentives, profitability, top-line and cash flows are presented to the management of the Company. The exercise includes reviewing the impact of GST on the procurement, manufacturing and distribution channels with an objective to proposing options for the realignment of the business model to help better capture the additional value that may be available on account of GST.

Representation Assistance

This includes identifying specific problems faced by the Company under the existing regime and vis-à-vis corrective actions to be taken in respect of the same under impending GST regime. Our professional specialization would be handy in framing the strategy in navigating the identified problems in the GST Regime and preparing a representation, if required, before the ministry to obtain the appropriate relief for the Company.

Implementation Assistance

This envisages realigning the operating models and business processes of the Company to effectively incorporate the observations/changes identified in the Impact Assessment stage. Further, the scope would include providing assistance on transition-related provisions, reviewing vendor/customer communication, assisting in preparing of GST manuals for easy reference etc.

Post Implementation Assistance

This includes preparation of instruction manuals, providing assistance in framing systems and procedures to help ensure compliances and helping in dealing with transitional issues such as assistance in understanding the transitional provisions, helping to devise the approach for transition of existing contracts under the new regime and helping in identifying the requisite changes, computation of taxes and filing of returns under the GST regime, etc.

Compliance Reviews

This includes providing assistance to the tax team of the Company in preparation and review of the documents to be filed with the tax authorities such as registration applications, transition stock statements, credit transition documents, etc.

Further, the scope would extend to advising on the basis upon which, goods and services can be valued for payment of GST. Reviewing sample invoices and credit/debit note formats to be maintained under the new tax regime as prepared by the Company and providing comments thereon from a GST perspective. Reviewing the records and returns maintained/filed by the Company under the GST regime. Assisting in respect of GST compliance would be on an ongoing basis.

Deputation of Skilled Resources

This would include seconding the skilled/trained staff on GST on contractual basis for ensuring timely and smooth compliances of GST. This would extend to providing periodic review by the Tax Manager/Associate Partner of Akiilesh & Akiilesh  on the compliances maintained by the Company.

GST return filing

We help clients in filing of their GST returns as well as for all periodic returns under other tax schemes. We services also include collecting relevant data, review of annual returns, certifying reconciliation statements, and keeping clients updated on GST amendments.

 GST Registrations

Our GST Registration services for clients begins by assessing and determining the status of a client’s requirement to register under GST. Our services include registration process including applying for the GST registration, identification of the goods and services being sold und GST, amending the details mentioned in the registration certificate in accordance with the relevant Rules of the GST laws, filing appeal for restoration and more.

Please click here to know more about our GST return filing services.

GST Audit

Statutory audit of records is required for a taxpayer who turnover exceeds Rs.2 Crores. Apart from the statutory audit, an internal audit mechanism would help the taxpayers to plug the defects and errors creeping in to the tax compliant system. This would help in rectifying the defects and errors in time without inviting penal consequences.


In today’s world of globalization, trade between the countries have surged to new heights with every day Governments liberalizing the trade norms and prescribing various benefits with an eye to incentivize the domestic trade. However, still the global trade is a double-edged sword where even a miniscule non-compliance can lead to significant penalty and revenue loss for the Importer/Exporter.

We at Akiilesh & Akiilesh , equipped with the team of professionals having requisite technical knowledge of law and skills in liasioning at Department level, proves to be the most appropriate for undertaking Custom clearance activity. As a Custom Broker we strive to provide the following services:

Manage vendor documentation and information discrepancies, identify bottlenecks, and reduce costs and expensive delaysExport and Import Clearance of the cargo in terms of prescribed guidelines and procedure issued vide the various public notices and notificationsAssistance in correct classification of goods to imported/exported in order to avoid any possible notices or ambiguity post clearances attracting penaltyAssistance in determination of the appropriate valuation mechanism of the cargo for the purpose of correct duty assessment

Appearance before the relevant authority to make representations or submissions in event of any dispute regarding classification or valuation at the time of clearanceArrange for the inspection of cargo by the relevant authorities, as the case may require.

Records to Report Services

Companies globally are facing more and more pressure to ensure compliance and governance of their accounting function to provide accurate data on company reports and filings. The CFOs also need to ensure that monthly operational deadlines are met in order to close books monthly, quarterly and annually. That is where, working with an experienced company like Akiilesh’s team  helps streamline the operations while still meeting the deadlines. Akiilesh’s highly experienced team can help deliver world-class services across global markets for the following accounting functions:

  • Accounts Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Book Keeping
  • Financial Statements and Reports
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Audit Support

Taxation Support Services

Companies are facing increasing scrutiny by government bodies such as the IRS in USA to ensure tax compliance of companies in order to discourage possible tax avoidance by corporations. That is why the onus is unto companies to ensure that their taxes are in order and on-time. Akiilesh’s team can help companies achieve the levels of tax compliance they want to reach while reducing the operational costs of doing this. Akiilesh’s team  F&A outsourcing services can help companies with:

  • Payroll Tax
  • Tax Validation
  • Tax Returns preparation
  • Tax Forms auditing

Claims Processing Services (insurance, medical)

With the number of claims increasing every day, it has become sensible to outsource the insurance claims process to improve the efficiency of the claims administration process. Offshoring the insurance claims process gives you access to highly skilled professionals – 24×7. Akiilesh’s flexible insurance and medical claims processing services offers you customized solutions to fit your claims processing needs – accurately and effectively.

we work closely with client’s Finance and Accounting teams to manage the more labor intensive and high volume routine tasks while leaving the high value tasks to the client. Thus, by concentrating only on strategic issues, our clients can focus on profitability while cost-effectively managing the basic finance and accounting operations.

  • Order to Cash Services- Based on client needs to closely manage their order-to-cash processes from the time the company receives an order to the time the company gets paid for the work done.
  • Procure to Pay Services:- We could  deliver an end product/ service to client’s client, they need to get other resources as raw materials or inputs for the completion of the product / service. This cycle of procure-to-pay is an essential aspect of the F&A team’s operations.

Records to Report Services: Our  highly experienced team can help deliver world-class services across global markets for the following accounting functions:

  • Accounts Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Book Keeping
  • Financial Statements and Reports
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Audit Support

Taxation Support Services: Our company can help client companies achieve the levels of tax compliance they want to reach while reducing the operational costs of doing this our outsourcing services can help companies with:

  • Payroll Tax
  • Tax Validation
  • Tax Returns preparation
  • Tax Forms auditing.