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Polydamas specializes in enhancing and streamlining  business operations while ensuring the security of the entire supply chain. Through our analytical, strategic, and tactical approach, we assemble highly skilled teams to accomplish our clients’ objectives. We have effectively tailored our services to meet individual client requirements, creating a customer-centric experience. By saving our clients an average of 30% in operational costs and more than 45% in business development, we provide substantial value. Additionally, as a real estate lessor, Polydamas owns and manages multiple properties, property managers, and contracted workers. We also serve as a Cybersecurity Advisor to Covenant Security in Wyoming.

Polydamas and Akiilesh Ventures was established by Polydamas and Akiilesh & Akiilesh IT and ITES Services with the simple objective of providing exceptional value to customers worldwide. From the beginning, our vision was clear – to empower businesses with business support and IT and ITES services. We achieved this by harnessing local talent in India, America, and globally, and creating a platform for aspiring software developers to grow and cultivate their careers. At Akiilesh & Akiilesh, we not only deliver top-notch enterprise applications for your business but go the extra mile. With a track record of over 1000 successful projects and a process-oriented mindset, we are fully committed to supporting you. Polydamas brings a wealth of experience in internal logistics, tracking expenses, managing a multimillion-dollar budget, and managing billions of dollars’ worth of inventory. The loyalty of our repeat clients is a testament to our principles and ethical conduct in all our interactions, whether it’s web and mobile software development, analytics, cloud solutions, engineering, or services like BPO, RPO, LPO, F&A O, attorneys, and consultants. Our dedication stems from our genuine care for our clients.

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